Project management

With already three A2V vessels built in our facility in La Rochelle, the company developped a unique in-house knowledge of air supported fast vessels building techniques, on top of high-end simulation and shape optimization capabilities. This facility regroups offices and yard, allowing engineers and builders to work side by side, exchanging ideas and optimizing the vessels in details.

This proximity has been key to develop the building techniques, equipment choice and integration which combine light weight construction with:

  • Flag and class requirements : workshops and design iterations toward an optimal solution
  • Affordable construction techniques : extensive comparisons of bonding and composite joints methods with destructive tests on samples, infusion techniques detailed study and experiments…
  • Safety, robustness and reliability, easiness of maintenance : workshops involving engineers, naval architects, mechanics, builders and operators)

Building from these experiences, the team is now able to follow projects in other yards, implementing the knowledge acquired on these vessels.